My research is at the interface of theoretical particle physics, cosmology, and particle astrophysics. A central theme of my work is understanding the particle physics of dark matter. The existence of dark matter is striking evidence of physics beyond the standard model, but little is known about its basic particle properties such as mass, spin, etc. Dark matter could even be part of a rich dark sector, by analogy with the intricate structure and amazing consequent phenomena of the Standard Model of particle physics. I am interested in identifying new experimental and observational probes that can test the underlying theory of dark matter. More broadly, I am interested in the phenomenology of dark (or hidden) sectors, theoretical connections to other unresolved puzzles within the standard model, as well as early universe cosmology.

Recent lecture notes and talks

TASI lectures on dark matter models and direct direction — 2018 lecture notes aimed at graduate students interested in starting research in dark matter
Theory overview of DM-induced phonon excitations — overview talk at Fermilab, June 2019
Searches for light dark matter using condensed matter systems — review article with Yonatan Kahn, 2021

Complete list of research publications

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